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Shivers Anthology Podcast
From “Bloody Mary” to “The Kidney Heist,” The Vocalizers presents an anthology of original horror stories inspired by frightening true events & some of the most terrifying Urban Legends.

Welcome to the Shivers Anthology Podcast.

“Shivers” is a “mockumentary” fictionalized podcast in which interviews characters whom will recount their own horrifying experiences.

Set in present day with “actual play” flashbacks. This podcast features voice actors from over 14 countries

But beware…

This is a different kind of podcast.

The sounds of the thriller will leave you with the Shivers.

Listener discretion is advised. Find us to listen and subscribe to “Shivers” wherever you are listening to this podcast right now.

Instagram and Facebook: Shivers Anthology
Email: Vocalizers18@gmail.com
Artwork created by Ronit Roy & The Vocalizers
Written, Produced and Directed by Marc Shawn Serrano, Co-Written, Co-directed and edited by Marie Harris Katz
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Marc Shawn Serrano

My name is Marc Shawn Serrano and I am from Detroit, Michigan. I am a producer, writer, editor, digital marketer, actor, singer, rapper, and song-writer. I founded Marc Shawn & the Vocalizers in 2018 and looking to expand across the globe. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Youtube. Enjoy the Show.